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Anime: Guilty Crown (Wiki:… )
Type: Shounen-ai
Couple: Shu Ouma x Kenji Kido ( AND )
Greatest abillities/Known for :
Shu: Taking out people's hearts, in the form of weapons. These are called 'Voids'. Kenji's Void is a Gravity Gun, making things float when hit.
Kenji: Mass murderer, held prisoner in the past. Reascued by Shu and the team, to be taken back in Funeral Parlor.
Other Characters:
Inori Yuzuhira: ( ) Works in Funeral Parlor, also main singer in band called Egoist
Gai Tsutsugami: ( ) Funeral Parlor's leader.

"When will she ever come back?" Shu sighed. Inori, his friend and love had been missing for three days after he saw her being taken away. Searching for her with the rest of Funeral Parlor had been no use so far. And next to that, Tsutsugami Gai, their leader, has been unconcious after saving Shu from an attack, also three days ago. "This is all a big mess..." The 17 years old boy had to restrain his tears again. He messed everything up between Inori and himself. And right before their reunion she was taken away infront of his own eyes, as he had just been standing there watching as she screamed. With his left shoulder, Shu leaned against a wall, looking down. "And it's all my fault..."

"Okey man, this is enough!" A voice yelled from behind. Suddenly, with great force, Shu's other shoulder slammed against the wall too. The first thing he looked into were two big, lively, khaki eyes. "K...Kenji..." Shu stuttered. Kenji stared, "Stop the self pitying, Shu. It's bad for Funeral Parlor, bad for us Undertakers. You've been the blame for alot of trouble thanks to it, remember that." The mass murderers voice was soft, but the expression on his face revealed his anger. Shu gulped, and fell quiet. Only after calming down he noticed how close Kenji was, and how his hand was still on his right shoulder. Shu's brown eyes stung, and still held unshed tears. Suddenly one tear rolled down his cheek, teeth pressing against eachothers as this happened right infront of Kenji. He was crying...

After this silence, Shu had to fight himself out and explain why he was so frustrated. "I miss Inori..." He said, tilting his head away. Kenji once again had a sign of disgust on his face, but just slightly this time. "Don't be like this Shu, not again." This sounded so weird to Shu. Did he mean it in an offending, but serious way? Or did Out of nowhere, with one swift move, Kenji's other hand moved to Shu's face, and with one soft touch of his thumb, the tear that was now on Shu's chin was swiped away.  He looked up, straight into Kenji's eyes again, "Wha...?". Kenji hissed "I told you not to be like this!" Then he softened. "If you love Inori that much, you will not cry for her but have trust in her. You should atleast stop feeling lonely!" Shu's eyes looked down now, but his face stayed in place. He did not want to look up to Kenji's face, it would make him feel even smaller. "I cannot help about feeling lonely..." He whispered with his light voice.

"Then atleast take this..." Kenji said. Before Shu knew it himself he felt lips on his. His eyes shot to whatever was infront of him. "Hmm!" is what he managed to bring out. What he saw were Kenji's eyes up close, and shut halfly. Shu's fine body shivered once, and he groaned again, harder. He tried to save himself from Kenji's grip. Only after some seconds the guy pulled back, gasping for air once. "Damn Shu, I had just gotten into it. You've taken my Void, and you've seen my heart. So this one small touch should do you nothing. It could even do you good. If you really are like that, okey." Kenji took away his hand, and stepped back alittle. Shu placed his fingers on his mouth and pointed his eyes to the floor. "I...why did you do that?" He asked. Kenji shrugged. "Because I felt like it, and it was nice." After finishing this sentence he turned away, and slowly began walking back to where he came from.

Shu at the other hand, snapped. And without a word, he grabbed Kenji's coat. Kenji froze, and looked back at Shu again. "What is it now?" He said. Shu whispered, softly,...shyly..."Don't go away..." Kenji snagged away his arm, and Shu let go off. He noticed the soft blush on Shu's face, and laughed quietly. "You really are a sad little boy, huh, Shu?" Shu was still looking at the ground. Silence. "Hey, "Kenji began again, "What is it that you want this time? If you're just being a dramaqueen again, then I'm busy..." Shu looked up, with his big eyes teary, "Affe...ction..." He said softly. Kenji grinned, "Oh really, is that it?" He bowed down closer to Shu, and contunued in a whisper "I'll show you some affection..." Both guys' lips parted, and met eachother's.

After a few seconds Shu felt as if he had discovered something new. His sorrow faded away and this moment was so warm. All he could do was to kiss back, and to feel happy again. Kenji barely put any effort into it this time, until Shu became fiery. He leaned forewards and tried to get on his tiptoes to take more out of it. The mass murderer was suprised and his eyes shot open for a second. On his cold face appeared a very soft blush, but on his kissing lips formed a smile. His cat-eyes closed again and secretly he enjoyed every moment. Soon he became greedy, and eager for more. His hands drifted to Shu's body slowly, and felt all over his chest. Shu groaned softly, opening his eyes halfly and then closing them again. He liked it. Kenji grinned and loosened up alittle.

After a good few seconds, Kenji pulled back and looked down on Shu. He took a good breath, and settled down. How did he get over it so soon? He was just his cool self again! Shu breathed rather fast. This was his first kiss, with a guy..."Kenji...Why did you-" He tried to say, but Kenji cut him off bluntly. "Because I like you, ofcourse." His khaki cat eyes looked down in Shu's warm brown ones. Those brown ones widened drastically, and his cheeks went from pale to red. "Wha..." He couldn't bring out one word. "But're guys....this isn't right!" He started panicking, and his eyes shot into all directions. Until Kenji's hand grabbed his cheek, and everything went calm again. "If you wouldn't have loved it, you would've never kissed back. Right? Not like that. wouldn't be blushing at every touch and stare I give you." He grinned widely, knowing this was true for sure.

"You're...right." Shu said, with a sigh inbetween those two words  Kenji put his other hand on Shu's left cheek, and now asked "Shu, do you love me?" Shu gasped, and hesitated... "I...I don't know...This is so weird, it's not right! It's-" Kenji's right hand suddenly went through Shu's brown hairs. This caused pleasant shivers to go through Shu's spine. With a smooth voice Kenji continued, "You're the only one that can take out my Void, you're the only one that has ever seen my heart. Now, I repeat, do you love me, Ouma Shu?" Shu calmed down and grinned blissfully. After 2 seconds he whispered, "Yeah...Kido Kenji. I think I've fallen inlove with you..." Kenji's arms lowered, and pulled Shu's small and fragile body into an embrace, and whispered. "Thats good Shu, because you stole my Gravity Gun."
fd:kkksdjlf,lkg HAAAAA~ :heart:
[link] Are they not just SO awesome together? <3
Twas Shu x Gai. /Doesnotlove But Gai is secretly one of my GC crushes, herp
Seriously, I love Guilty Crown. Best anime I've ever seen. Yes, better than K-On!. :iconwthplz:
But Excuse me guys, I have to go to bed now, I wasted half of the night writing this, and I'm tired. Nightynight.
All characters belong to their owners
Story belongs to me
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darksnow Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012
Aww...I had thought of them as a possible couple - almost any male x Shu really, but this is nice since... :D
CursedDragoness Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Nowadays I prefer Shu x Gai~ But if only Kenji's role in the anime would've been a bit bigger...I would've never stopped shipping them xD But Kenji is still cuuuuute <3
darksnow Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012
...who's Kenji? Sorry, I've only just watched the anime once. xD I can only see Shu as the seme role only in towards the end of the series. I just prefer the main characters as ukes.
CursedDragoness Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Kenji Kido? That mass murderer they saved from prison o3o
Shu is sooo definately uke xD But he WAS pretty badass towards the end...even tho he was so cold and mean. T.T
darksnow Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012
Oh yeah...him. I only remember as Kido. He is mean, but he should've realized that his kindness wasn't a weakness but a strength. This ending made me see that being 'human' was beautiful - something you can appreciate but not often be grateful b/c of it.
Icia-tan Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012

Have been fighting back the urge to go crazy because there's folks surrounding me while reading this. HUURRRRR. /shot
CursedDragoness Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
IYESSUUU <3 Wish I could edit the next chapters I have for this little thingy and submit them and continue writing the next ones...but my PC is kinda really dead and I have no internet on it. >.<
But I'm SO happy you enjoyed this! QuQ Thank you! <3
Gotta love Guilty Crown yaoi~ <u<
Icia-tan Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2012

And you're welcome~! <3
speetdragon Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
[link] voor de afleveringen
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